Snow removal in the Loveland / Fort Collins Area.  Where to start? What’s included? How much does it cost?

Choosing a snow removal service can be tricky.  Although they may seem the same, they all offer different service.  Some have a yearly contract, no matter how much or little it snows, you pay x amount.  Some have an activation amount. Could be 2 inches, could be a trace.  It is important, when considering snow removal, to choose a company that has an activation and contract that matches your needs.  How to choose such a provider?  Generally speaking, snow below 2 inches or less will melt the same day with our bi-polar colorado weather.  Snow of 2 inches or more will generally stick on the ground and need to be removed before it turns to ice.

One of the more important things to consider is does my snow removal company carry liability insurance.  If they do not, you could be liable for any damages caused by the company. You could even be liable if their employee slips and hurts themselves on your property.  Please vet your snow service before hiring and make sure they carry this insurance.

Another thing to consider is experience.  Removing snow, especially commercial snow removal and properties, can be tricky.  It is important that you don’t become a companies guinea pig while the test the waters of this tricky aspect of their business.

Lastly, make sure you consider the snow removal contract or agreement.  Be sure that your service provides a price and an activation that meets your particular needs.

Most importantly, please consider LawnPro for all of your commercial and residential snow removal needs. We will work with you and your individual needs for snow removal on your property.