1. Power Raking

    What is "power raking"? Power raking is similar to de-thatching only with power raking the sod is not torn up as much. It is a process of scraping and collecting the dead material that lives on the bottom of your lawn. This material prevents vital water an nutrients from reaching your roots. Spring is the best time to power rake your lawn. Give LawnPro a call at 970-685-8382 to get a free estimate…Read More

  2. Landscape and Sod Installation

    When is the best time to do landscaping and sod installation in Loveland, Windsor, and Fort Collins Colorado? Anytime from March to June is the optimal time. It's been a slow snow year for us lawn care professionals. What does that mean to you? We're ready to go to work!! And we're offering huge discounts on all landscaping this March. In addition to our Price Match Guarantee, we are giving $300 o…Read More

  3. Water Your Trees This Winter

    Whenever you are experiencing a dry winter like we have now in Northern Colorado, it is a good idea to get your trees and shrubs some water over the winter. Wait for a day that the temp is above 40 and give those trees 2-3 gal of much needed moisture.…Read More

  4. Winterizing Sprinklers

    When should you shut down your sprinkler system and what is "winterizing"? Sprinklers should be shut down and winterized before the temperature drops below freezing on a regular basis. In Northern Colorado, this is usually in mid October. Winterizing is a process in which the sprinkler line is turned off and the remaining water in the pipes is blown out of the line using pressurized air. After thi…Read More

  5. Walk Test

    How can you tell if your lawn needs water? Talk a walk! If your foot crunches the grass, you need to water a lot! If your foot leaves a print for more than a minuet, your lawn is thirsty and you should water. If the grass stands straight up after walking on it, you're good to go and don't need to water. For more tips visit the weekly mowing section of our website and download the July newsletter.…Read More

  6. Thatch

    Thatch is a layer of living and dead organic matter that occurs between the green matter and the soil surface. If you have a thatch build up of over 1/2 inch thick it will create a favorable environment for diseases and pests. Thatch can also inhibit your grass roots and cause unhealthy grass. If you have a layer of thatch over 1/2 inch it is time to de-thatch your lawn.  Need help with de-that…Read More

  7. When To Water

    The best time to water your lawn is in the early morning hours (6am). Watering at this time of day helps prevent fungus caused by overnight watering. Watering  during the afternoon or evening will cause much of the water to be lost due to evaporation.…Read More

  8. Sod Installation

    If you are installing new sod, make sure you wet the top soil before laying the sod. This will give the grass much needed water right away, but will also help to settle the top soil giving less chance for high and low spots in your lawn.  Need a hand? LawnPro will meet or beat any competitors price on sod instillation.…Read More

  9. Watering Sloped Lawns

    If you have a large slope in your lawn, try watering for 40 min but split into 10 min intervals with 5-10min in between. This will allow the water to absorb into the soil and result in less run off.…Read More

  10. Aerating

    Aerating: Spring is a great time to aerate your lawn. Aeration should be done once to twice per year. Aeration breaks up the soil and promotes a strong, healthy lawn and root system…Read More