1. Fertilizing Your Lawn

    Fertilizing Your Lawn: It is important not to put fertilizer on a lawn until it is actively growing. Be patient and wait for the grass to grow before fertilizing. Fertilizing before a grass is actively growing may cause a shock to your lawn and result in dead grass.…Read More

  2. Watering Your Lawn

    Watering Your Lawn: Your lawn needs about 1” of water per week. You will want to water 2 - 3 times a week to promote a healthy root system.  Depending on your sprinkler system, 30-40min of water should get you about a half inch. To get an accurate time, place several empty tuna cans at various places on your lawn. Water for a half hour, then measure the water in the can. Remember, Deep but infr…Read More

  3. Sprinkler Startup Tips

    Starting Your Sprinkler System: Make sure all drains are closed. Very Slowly open your water supply valve. Let the system fill up with your water control valve at about 10-15% open. Slowly open the rest of the way.  Opening your valve too fast can cause pipes to break and heads to blow up.   Need a hand? LawnPro offers this service free of charge to all our weekly lawn maintenance clients…Read More