1. Mowing Lawns In Spring

    "Ok, I've hired a local lawn care professional, now he's asking me how high I want my grass to be cut. What should I tell him?"  Has this question ever come up for you? If so, hopefully you have hired LawnPro as your local lawn mowing company because they will give you their recommended height.  If in the off chance you have not, or if you've decided to brave the elements, heat, and ridiculously…Read More

  2. Aeration, Spring Clean Up, and Timing.

    It can sometimes be a tough decision in Loveland, Fort Collins, and Windsor of when to start working on your yard. The weather in Northern Colorado can be unpredictable at best. So when is the right time to start doing all of those Spring Cleanup chores? The best time to do spring chores in our bi-polar state is...... Whenever you get a few sunny days!  Sounds really insightful right? The fact is…Read More

  3. Don’t Let Your Lawn (Fall) Down

    Here are several key Fall chores to check off before putting your lawn to bed for the winter: 1) Schedule your sprinkler blowout 2) Apply a winter fertilizer to feed your lawn over the winter 3) Now is a great time to de-thatch your lawn before winter 4) Schedule leaf cleanup service (companies book up fast!) 5) Mow your lawn! Don't let your lawn go dormant for the winter without one last mowing i…Read More

  4. Fertilization…Help!

    There are so many options for lawn fertilization, how do you know when or what to put on your lawn? Have no fear, lawnpro is here to help! Here a 3 easy steps to fertilizing your lawn: 1) Keep it local. Buy a local fertilizer from a local company. They will have the best mix for lawns in Loveland Colorado. This will take all the guess work out of what percentages or mixes you should buy. 2) Ask ho…Read More

  5. What’s Wrong With My Grass?

    The rain has slowed its pace here in Loveland, Windosr, and Berthoud CO and lawns are now beginning to show signs of poor sprinkler systems. If you see brown spots or patches in your lawn and the rest of it is green, the first thing to check is your sprinkler system. The heads may be turned the wrong direction, they may not be popping up, or they may be blocked by shrubs or trees. It is a good ide…Read More

  6. How High Should I mow My Grass?

    How high is too high? How low is too low? Mowing your lawn at the right height is important. Generally the higher you leave your grass, the better it is for it. Leaving your grass high keeps many of the important nutrients on the plant and protects it from hot weather. Cutting it at 3 or 3.5 inches is the optimal height for grass in Loveland Colorado, which is mostly bluegrass or fescue. However, …Read More

  7. Choosing The Right Lawn Mowing Service

    Choosing a mowing service can be challenging. There are many options ranging from the high school kid down the street to the multi-million dollar corporation. Here are a few (unbiased) tips: 1) Make sure they are insured. If your provider hurts themselves or someone else on your property, you could be held liable if they are not insured. 2) Check around the web. Most providers are on multiple web-…Read More

  8. Water Your Way To A Great Lawn

    The biggest difference that we see between a great looking lawn and a not so great looking lawn is a proper water schedule. Too much and you get a shallow root system, too little and you get brown and dying grass. So how much is the right amount? It depends on your sprinkler system but as a general rule you want to water no more than 3 times per week and no less than 2. Water deep, 30-45min and se…Read More

  9. De-What?

    De-Thatch! What's de-thatching? It's a very important lawn care service that rids your lawn of all the old and dead material that builds up overtime. We have been seeing a lot of thatch while making the rounds in Loveland, CO. It is very important for your overall lawn success to monitor how much thatch is building up in your lawn. How much thatch is too much thatch? You should have no more than a…Read More

  10. Ft. Collins Lawn Care

    Did you know that LawnPro is now in Fort Collins CO? This is our second year of lawn mowing and lawn maintenance in Ft. Collins CO and we are loving it. Don't forget we are also doing lawn maintenance in Loveland CO, Windsor CO, Berthoud CO and Johnstown CO. Give us a call for an absolutely free and no obligation quote for all our lawn care services.…Read More