1. When To Water

    The best time to water your lawn is in the early morning hours (6am). Watering at this time of day helps prevent fungus caused by overnight watering. Watering  during the afternoon or evening will cause much of the water to be lost due to evaporation.…Read More

  2. Sod Installation

    If you are installing new sod, make sure you wet the top soil before laying the sod. This will give the grass much needed water right away, but will also help to settle the top soil giving less chance for high and low spots in your lawn.  Need a hand? LawnPro will meet or beat any competitors price on sod instillation.…Read More

  3. Watering Sloped Lawns

    If you have a large slope in your lawn, try watering for 40 min but split into 10 min intervals with 5-10min in between. This will allow the water to absorb into the soil and result in less run off.…Read More

  4. Aerating

    Aerating: Spring is a great time to aerate your lawn. Aeration should be done once to twice per year. Aeration breaks up the soil and promotes a strong, healthy lawn and root system…Read More

  5. Fertilizing Your Lawn

    Fertilizing Your Lawn: It is important not to put fertilizer on a lawn until it is actively growing. Be patient and wait for the grass to grow before fertilizing. Fertilizing before a grass is actively growing may cause a shock to your lawn and result in dead grass.…Read More

  6. Watering Your Lawn

    Watering Your Lawn: Your lawn needs about 1” of water per week. You will want to water 2 - 3 times a week to promote a healthy root system.  Depending on your sprinkler system, 30-40min of water should get you about a half inch. To get an accurate time, place several empty tuna cans at various places on your lawn. Water for a half hour, then measure the water in the can. Remember, Deep but infr…Read More

  7. Sprinkler Startup Tips

    Starting Your Sprinkler System: Make sure all drains are closed. Very Slowly open your water supply valve. Let the system fill up with your water control valve at about 10-15% open. Slowly open the rest of the way.  Opening your valve too fast can cause pipes to break and heads to blow up.   Need a hand? LawnPro offers this service free of charge to all our weekly lawn maintenance clients…Read More