1. Mowing Lawns In Spring

    "Ok, I've hired a local lawn care professional, now he's asking me how high I want my grass to be cut. What should I tell him?"  Has this question ever come up for you? If so, hopefully you have hired LawnPro as your local lawn mowing company because they will give you their recommended height.  If in the off chance you have not, or if you've decided to brave the elements, heat, and ridiculously…Read More

  2. Aeration, Spring Clean Up, and Timing.

    It can sometimes be a tough decision in Loveland, Fort Collins, and Windsor of when to start working on your yard. The weather in Northern Colorado can be unpredictable at best. So when is the right time to start doing all of those Spring Cleanup chores? The best time to do spring chores in our bi-polar state is...... Whenever you get a few sunny days!  Sounds really insightful right? The fact is…Read More