I realize you may think I’m a little biased writing a blog about how to choose a lawn mowing company in Loveland CO.  I am.  There is really only one amazing, awesome, professional company out there and the name happens to be LawnPro (just kidding, there may be two) However, I do care about you and I want to be sure that you make the best decision possible when choosing a lawn care business. Here are several questions to ask your lawn care provider before choosing one:

1) How long have you been in business? Everybody has to start somewhere and many companies in this industry are start ups. Sometimes they will come in with low offers, provide service on par with those offers, and be out of business in a year. Others are successful and good right from the get go. This is still an important question to aks to get a feel for who will be mowing your lawn.
2) Are you insured? Very important because if they are not insured, you could be held liable if they injure themselves on your property.
3) How many different people will be coming to my home? Large companies hire a large amount of people. Often times you don’t know who will be at your property from one week to another.
4) To you bag your clippings? Some companies mulch, some bag, some simple throw the grass. Depending on your lawn and your preference, this may be an important question to ask.
5) What kind of equipment do you use? Companies that do not run commercial grade equipment will not be giving you professional quality results. Home owner grade equipment can be fine for the first 25 to 35 cuts, but it is designed to be used 25 times a year. A professional will be using it 25 times a day. Make sure your lawn care provider is using high quality equipment or your lawn will suffer the consequences.
6) How often do you sharpen blades? They will be impressed with this question! A good lawn care company will need to sharpen blades everyday. Dull blades tear and cause damage to the lawn as well as produce a low quality look.

There are a lot of companies out there and in this business they range from the high school neighbor to the seasoned professional. It can be tough to find the right fit! Be sure you do your homework, read testimonials from various sources, and as always, if you have any questions regarding lawn care in fort Collins, Loveland, Berthoud, or Windsor, give us a call!