What is the difference between landscape maintenance companies and lawn care companies?

It’s an excellent question that some lawn care businesses have not thought about themselves.

There are essentially three choices when it comes to landscape maintenance.

  1. Traditional Lawn Care Businesses:  These are your typical start up, Mom and Pop operations.  Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with start ups or Mom and Pop lawn companies, LawnPro started that way just like everyone else.  The struggle these business have when it comes to Professional Commercial Maintenance is equipment.  High quality equipment in this industry is extremely expensive.  The smaller operations don’t have the people, experience or equipment to effectively handle larger landscapes.
  2. Enterprises: These are the large operations.  They have a lot of equipment, a lot of employees, and a lot of accounts. These businesses operate and run in vastly different ways.  Typically, they higher low wage workers and have a very high churn rate of both employees and clients.  The customer service sometimes is lacking, merely because the shear volume of accounts the operate.
  3. The Hybrid:  This is where LawnPro fits in, and there really are not too many others in the Fort Collins area.  These businesses have all the highest quality equipment, trained and experienced staff, and a manageable number of accounts.  The hybrid does not have to hurry from property to property, rather, they can take their time at each and every commercial property.

When seeking a landscape maintenance business, take the time to get to know the company.  Speak to to the owner, ask about insurance coverage, ask about all the service that are included in your service.  As always, we would be ecstatic if you gave us a call and requested a free landscape maintenance quote!