Lawn Mowing Service Loveland CO.

Are you looking for a lawn mowing service in Loveland?  There are several choices out there and this blog is dedicated to helping you with that decision.

Here is a must have check list when comparing lawn mowing services in Loveland.

  • Is your provider insured? This is a must ask question.  If your lawn service provider is not insured, not only will you be responsible for any damages they do to your property, but you could actually be held liable if they injure themselves on your property.  LawnPro carries a million dollar insurance policy, we’ve got you covered!
  • How long has your lawn mowing service been in business?  A lawn mowing business is very much an art, and there is a steep learning curve for new businesses.  Most lawn care startups do not make it to year two in business, only 20% will make it to year 5.  Why is this important? It is important for many customers to establish a trusted relationship with their provider. Many Lawn Mowing Services get in over their heads, they start skipping appointments, and even dropping customers mid season.  LawnPro has been well established since 2010 and we aren’t going anywhere!
  • Do they have professional equipment?  Some lawn mowing services will simply toss their homeowner grade lawn mower in the back of a pickup truck and call it a business.  This is important because that equipment will cut your lawn great the first time, by the end of the first week of the year, that residential lawn mower will have already performed the amount of work it was built to take in a year.  If your lawn service is not using commercial grade equipment the quality of the cut will drastically decrease, possibly harming your grass and breaking down on your property.  LawnPro only uses the absolute best high quality machines ever built.
  • What’s included in your lawn mowing service?  Many lawn mowing companies will not bag the grass, some do not include trimming, some mowing companies charge extra for edging sidewalks. LawnPro is an all inclusive lawn mowing service.  Edging, trimming, hauling off grass, and blowing of sidewalks is all included in your service.

Whatever lawn mowing service you decide to go with, please remember to do your homework and ask these very important questions.  As always, if you’re looking for a free lawn mowing quote, please give LawnPro a call!