What is the difference between a “lawn service company” and a “lawn mowing company”

That greatly depends on who you talk to.  The industry lingo for a Lawn Service company is a company that will not only mow your lawn, but also provides other services such as fertilization, weed control, shrub pruning.  A lawn service is most likely going to be able to offer fall leaf removal and snow removal services in the Fall and Winter months as well.

A Lawn Mowing Company, is really just that.  A business that strictly offers lawn mowing services.  If you are getting quotes, and you come across a lawn mowing service only company, please use caution.  The companies that do not have the capacity to offer other lawn services other than regular mowing and trimming often times are startups that may or may not carry insurance.  It is extremely important to find out if your provider carries liability insurance because if they do not, and they injure themselves on your property, you could be held liable.

LawnPro is proud to offer a full scope of lawn services.  Please give us a quote for any lawn mowing or lawn care needs you may have.