“Ok, I’ve hired a local lawn care professional, now he’s asking me how high I want my grass to be cut. What should I tell him?”  Has this question ever come up for you? If so, hopefully you have hired LawnPro as your local lawn mowing company because they will give you their recommended height.  If in the off chance you have not, or if you’ve decided to brave the elements, heat, and ridiculously tiring work of mowing your own lawn in Windsor or any other surrounding area, here are a few tips:

Shorter lawns look nice. There is no doubt about it. The only problem with cutting you grass short is that it will require more attention.  Longer grass keeps your soil shaded. This helps in the prevention of the germination of those nasty crabgrass seeds. When you cut your grass, you are cutting off much of the green stuff. That green stuff contains chloroplast, water, and other nutrients that your lawn needs. Ideally, a perfectly healthy lawn would be cut around 4″. That would keep much of these vital nutrients on the plant and as a special side effect, it will make your lawn look shaggy and unkempt.

So, whats the solution? While every lawn is different, you should never cut more than 1 third of the plant off your lawn. A common compromise between optimal health and a sleek look is to keep your lawn height to around 2.5 to 3 inches.  Cutting below 2.5 inches is not recommended.  Regular weekly lawn mowing is recommended so that it becomes unnecessary to cut more than a third of the plant off even in the fastest growing season.

As always, your trusted LawnPro worker will be more than happy to give you the optimal cutting height for your specific lawn care needs. Give us a call anytime to get a fast free quote in Fort Collins or any other Northern Colorado City.