Why Is Our Mowing Service Unique?

LawnPro started as a mowing service.  In our early days, when we didn’t have enough customers to fill the week, we also supplemented by doing landscape installations.  As LawnPro grew, we quickly realized that we would have to focus on one or the other.  We felt, as a company, we could be good at both, or we could be GREAT at one.  The Mowing Service aspect of our business was the part that we really loved doing, so the choice was an easy one.


In 2013, we completely eliminated the landscape installation portion of our business and focused solely on our Mowing Service.  The choice was a good one as we are now one of the fastest growing Mowing services in Northern Colorado.  With our innovative approach to gathering quality employees and keeping them, coupled with state of the art software and equipment, we have been able to keep the same high quality of service that we started with.


LawnPro’s Mowing Service really is a step above the competition.  We got there, and continue to stay there, because we are focused on only one part of the business.  Making your Mowing Service the best possible experience you have ever had with a service industry.   Call LawnPro today, and find out why our Mowing Service really is a difference maker.