It’s getting close to spring cleanup time. This holds true for your lawn care as well!  Here are a list of things that should be done before that first Lawn Mowing is done:

Shrubs: Spring is the time of year to get those unruly shrubs a hair cut.  They can get a little crusty over the winter. A fresh trim will get them looking (and feeling) great. Prune away all the dead and damaged branches.

Perennials and Grasses:  Cut back and divide.  You want to prune your flower perennials to about 4-6 inches and cut your grass to a height of about 2-3 inches to allow all the new growth that’s been waiting around all winter room to grow.

Clean up those rock and mulch beds:  Rake away all the dead winter leaves and debri that has accumulated all winter. This can smother any plants and foster diseases.

Prep dead areas for seeding:  Grass can take a beating with long cold winters, especially if it is north facing and the snow never gets a chance to melt.  You will want to remove any dead grass and spread compost.

April is a great time to start re-seeding or re-sodding those dead areas or spots.  this will give about a month of active growing time before the first cut is needed.

Of course, Give LawnPro a call with any of these or other lawn mowing and lawn care service that you may need!