1. Mowing Lawns In Spring

    "Ok, I've hired a local lawn care professional, now he's asking me how high I want my grass to be cut. What should I tell him?"  Has this question ever come up for you? If so, hopefully you have hired LawnPro as your local lawn mowing company because they will give you their recommended height.  If in the off chance you have not, or if you've decided to brave the elements, heat, and ridiculously…Read More

  2. How To Choose A Mowing Company In Loveland Area

    I realize you may think I'm a little biased writing a blog about how to choose a lawn mowing company in Loveland CO.  I am.  There is really only one amazing, awesome, professional company out there and the name happens to be LawnPro (just kidding, there may be two) However, I do care about you and I want to be sure that you make the best decision possible when choosing a lawn care business. He…Read More

  3. Lawn Care In Winter?

    Many people take a "set it and forget it" approach to winter time lawn care. Often times this works fine but on some occasions, your lawn needs a little TLC in the winter time. If you are experiencing a particularly dry winter, be sure to water your lawn during these drought times. It won't need much because it has gone dormant, but a good sprinkle now and then will do wonders come spring. This is…Read More

  4. Fertilization…Help!

    There are so many options for lawn fertilization, how do you know when or what to put on your lawn? Have no fear, lawnpro is here to help! Here a 3 easy steps to fertilizing your lawn: 1) Keep it local. Buy a local fertilizer from a local company. They will have the best mix for lawns in Loveland Colorado. This will take all the guess work out of what percentages or mixes you should buy. 2) Ask ho…Read More