Lawn Mowing Services in Loveland, Fort Collins, Windsor and Berthoud

  1. Lawn Care Service

    Its Springtime... Almost.  Now is the time to start vetting your lawn service for the summer.  There are several key factors to look at when choosing the right Lawn Care Service. Picking A Lawn Care Service, The Key Questions To Ask: What's included - Many Lawn Care Providers don't haul away the grass, they mulch or leave the bags for you.  Make sure you ask if this service is included.  Some …Read More

  2. Mowing Service

    Why Is Our Mowing Service Unique? LawnPro started as a mowing service.  In our early days, when we didn't have enough customers to fill the week, we also supplemented by doing landscape installations.  As LawnPro grew, we quickly realized that we would have to focus on one or the other.  We felt, as a company, we could be good at both, or we could be GREAT at one.  The Mowing Service aspect of…Read More

  3. Mowing Service Fort Collins

    LawnPro started out as a small lawn service in Loveland CO.  We quickly grew and began branching out.  Our Mowing Service in Fort Collins was the second city we opened up to.  Lawnpro now has our Mowing Service in 6 cities, Longmont being the newest!  With an ever growing business we had to learn quickly how to keep the same quality service our customers have learned to love, while at the same…Read More

  4. Lawn Mowing Service Near Me?

    Are you looking for a lawn service near you?  There are several key qualities you should look for in a Lawn Mowing Service in your area. 1) Are they professionals?  A lawn mowing company is theoretically one of the easiest business to start. Right? Yes and No.  Anyone can throw their lawn mower in a pick up and call themselves a business.  But are they professional? Do they carry professional …Read More

  5. Lawn Mowing Service In Longmont CO

    LawnPro is excited to announce that we are now offering Lawn Services in Longmont Colorado.  This was a natural move for us as we are based in the Loveland / Berthoud area.  We will be offering our full range of services including: weekly lawn mowing, lawn care with our Total Lawn Care package, aerations, fertilizations and weed spraying. LawnPro may be new to Longmont, but we are by no means th…Read More

  6. Lawn Service

    What does a lawn service entail? It's a good question to ask yourself when looking for Lawn Care in Loveland or Fort Collins.  A Lawn Service can involve a whole lot of things, or very few things. Depending on your company and the service you choose.  Some lawn services simply involve mowing your grass.  Other lawn services include comprehensive fertilization, weed control, and aeration program…Read More

  7. Cool Season Grasses and Mowing Them

    Here in the Fort Collins Co area, we have a what is called "cool season grass"  This type of lawn thrives in areas with cold freezing winters and hot summers.   Most commonly in Colorado, we see Kentucky bluegrass, and tall fescue. Sometimes the different grasses are blended. Why is this important? It is important to know what type of grass you have so you can schedule your watering and lawn mow…Read More

  8. When To Mow Your Grass

    We have done a lot of blogs regarding how to mow your lawn. One question that comes up often is When to mow your yard.  When is it too wet? Can it be too dry? How often should I mow my grass?  All great questions! When is it too wet to mow? Recently in the Loveland / Windsor area, we have had a TON of moisture.  So when are you ever supposed to mow your lawn? For professional mowing crews (like…Read More

  9. Mowing Lawns In Spring

    "Ok, I've hired a local lawn care professional, now he's asking me how high I want my grass to be cut. What should I tell him?"  Has this question ever come up for you? If so, hopefully you have hired LawnPro as your local lawn mowing company because they will give you their recommended height.  If in the off chance you have not, or if you've decided to brave the elements, heat, and ridiculously…Read More

  10. How To Choose A Mowing Company In Loveland Area

    I realize you may think I'm a little biased writing a blog about how to choose a lawn mowing company in Loveland CO.  I am.  There is really only one amazing, awesome, professional company out there and the name happens to be LawnPro (just kidding, there may be two) However, I do care about you and I want to be sure that you make the best decision possible when choosing a lawn care business. He…Read More