Lawn care and lawn maintenance

Lawn Maintenance can be tricky in our Colorado climate. When should you water? how much? how often? Should you use a fertilization service? Can you do it yourself?  In today’s blog section we are going to focus on watering your lawn!

June is typically the month that we get a lot of panicked phone calls “my lawn is dying!”  The first and most important question we ask is “have you been watering?”

95% of lawn problems stem from water. Too much, too little, or none at all.  We typically have a lot of moisture in Loveland / Fort Collins area. What this means is our lawns typically look Great in May.  The bad news is it usually dries up in June and leaves us wondering what happened.  So how can you keep a well maintained lawn with Colorado’s ever changing climate?

Use your eyes and feet!  Look for wilting grass, it will start to turn blue in color. This is a clear indicator your lawn needs more water.  Brown is bad! any brown starting to show means your lawn needs more water!  If the lawn looks good, go for a walk on it.  If your footprint stays on your grass for more than 5 seconds, that’s a good indication that you need to increase the water.

Of course, we are more than happy to help with any of your lawn care, lawn maintenance, or lawn mowing service needs.  Give us a call!