We have done a lot of blogs regarding how to mow your lawn. One question that comes up often is When to mow your yard.  When is it too wet? Can it be too dry? How often should I mow my grass?  All great questions!

When is it too wet to mow? Recently in the Loveland / Windsor area, we have had a TON of moisture.  So when are you ever supposed to mow your lawn? For professional mowing crews (like LawnPro), we have very high powered equipment. This equipment can cut through thick wet grass better than your average lawn mower. That being said, there is still a saturation point at which we can not mow. Our general rule of thumb is that the grass is dry enough to cut when the streets become dry from a recent storm.  Add another 2 hours to that if you are going to be cutting your own lawn with lower powered equipment.

Can it be too dry? No, not really.  You will want to be careful when driving zero turn mowers on very dry grass, but you really can not harm the lawn or your equipment.

How often should I mow my yard?  It depends on the growing season. Lawns in the Fort Collins and Northern Colorado areas grow much faster in the Spring and Fall when temperatures are cooler. You should be cutting your grass once a week in these conditions.  When the grass stops growing so fast in the middle of summer, you can sometimes cut back to every other week. You never want to take more than a third of the plant off the grass stem so if you like a shorter looking lawn, it is better to stay with once a week all year.