My grass was a beautiful green and overnight, Brown!  What happened!

Ok, don’t panic. This can happen depending on a number of circumstances.  Here in the Loveland / Windsor area, we have had a TON of rain recently.  Suddenly the rain stopped and the 90 degree days began. What has probably happened to your lawn is that with the consistent and heavy rain we had all spring, your root system got a little spoiled.  When it rains nearly every day, the roots do not need to go very deep to get water. All the water they need is at the surface.  What most likely happened to your lawn is when the daily rain stopped, the hot weather started, the shallow depth of the roots ceased getting water.  Many of us have not even turned on our sprinkler system yet.

The solution: Water your lawn deep 2 to 3 times per week.  You need to condition your roots to go deeper into the soil to get that water. Watering for 45 min or so will get water deep into your soil and when you are giving your lawn 2 to 3 days between watering, the roots will dig down to get that water.  For some more immediate results, put some iron into your lawn to help get that beautiful green look back.